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Bearwood Lakes Golf Club
London, England

Royal Perth Golf Club
Perth, Australia

Pacific Links International Overview

Simply put, Pacific Links provides members with a premium golf experience through an innovative international membership structure focused on the Asian golfer. Pacific Links offers them access to the finest collection of high quality golf clubs in the world. Since 2012, the Pacific Links Network of Affiliated and Reciprocal clubs now stands at over 700 properties located in 34 countries around the world. With a strong membership base continuing to grow in China, the recent expansion into other parts of Asia and the aggregated population of members from all the participating clubs, Pacific Links is now expanding the brand platform to encompass more than just golf. We are positioning Pacific Links International to be the preeminent Lifestyle portal for Asia’s HNW customer providing high demand travel itineraries inspired by golf but encompassing concierge services, flights, accommodations, local tourism experience and travel butler assistance.

In the next 5 years, PLI will further expand its international affiliate network to over 1,000 clubs in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and the entire Southeast Asia.

In addition to the Chinese market, PLI has recently initiate membership sales programs targeting golf players in Taiwan and South Korea. 

“Pacific Links Travel Experiences… Inspired by Golf”
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